Back to School Shows

Back to School Shows

Posted On: Sep 4, 2019
By LOVEtheatre Staff
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    Now that September is here and school is back, we thought we’d put together a list of shows appropriate for the occasion:
    1. Matilda
    Kicking off with Matilda, a joyous, gleeful musical about a 5-year-old girl who has telekinetic powers, who loves reading books and rebels against bullies.
    Having taught herself how to speak Russian, Matilda gets along with her teachers at school but not so much with her parents who put her down in every situation they get. The musical’s message is that you are in control of your own story and you should take a stand against bullies.

    Cast of Matilda the Musical at the Cambridge Theatre


    2. School of Rock
    Recreating the iconic movie on stage, School of Rock follows the story of a failed wannabe rock-star who becomes a teacher in a prestigious prep school. Chaos ensues when he decides to turn a whole class of excellent students into a rock band and to enter them in a competition without the parents’ knowledge.
    A young cast of talented musicians alongside the gifted adult ensemble led by David Flynn makes this musical an enjoyable experience for audiences of all ages!

    Cast of The School of Rock at the Gillian Lynne Theatre


    3. Everybody’s Talking About Jamie
    The story about 16-year-old Jamie who lives in a council estate in Sheffield and has trouble fitting in. Everybody’s Talking About Jamie is a joyful musical based on a BBC documentary following the steps of a boy who wants to become a drag queen. With the help of his mum and friends, Jamie manages to run away from the bigotry of his dad and to fight for his dreams.
    The musical entered the West End triumphantly claiming to its tired revivals that there is a new kid in town! The production is a blaze of colour, blending scene changes with video projection and a live band!
    The musical has one aim – to make you follow your dreams! What better motivation can we ask for?!

    Cast of Everybody's Talking About Jamie at the Apollo Theatre
    Photo credit - Matt Crockett


    4. BIG The Musical
    This musical is about the BIG kid in all of us! Based on the hit movie and casting the best talent of the West End and an orchestra, BIG The Musical is heart-warming and joyous!
    Starring Jay McGuiness (Strictly champion), Wendi Peters (Coronation Street), Kimberley Walsh (Shrek the Musical), and Olivier Award winner Matthew Kelly (Stars in Their Eyes). We told you, the cast is unmissable.
    The musical shows us one of people’s eternal struggles – spending your childhood dreaming of growing up and then regretting it the moment you do.

    Cast of BIG The Musical ahead of their run at the Dominion Theatre
    Photo credit - Alistair Muir


    5. Fame the Musical
    After a movie and a TV show, Fame was turned into a Fame the Musical! An absolute classic about a group of young performers studying in New York’s best academy for performing arts trying to get make their big break in an unforgiving industry. 
    The musical explores prejudice, identity, pride, literacy, substance abuse, sexuality.
    We have given you plenty of fantastic ‘Back to School’ musicals to choose from. Book your tickets now!