Fun Facts Friday: Stephanie J Block

Fun Facts Friday: Stephanie J Block

Updated On: Aug 23, 2019
By LOVEtheatre Staff
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    Today’s Fun Facts Friday is about the lovely Stephanie J Block who is returning to London to perform 2 solo concerts in Cadogan Hall in 2020. Born in California, USA, Stephanie Janette is a singer and actress famous for her roles on Broadway. Here are 7 fun facts...


    1. She is comfortable playing strong and independent women.

    Stephanie made her Broadway debut in 2003 playing the role of Liza Minnelli in The Boy from Oz. She originated the role of Judy in 9 to 5 the Musical Another strong female lead she took on was in The Cher Show where she won a Tony Award for Best Actress in a Musical and Drama Desk Award for Outstanding Actress in a Musical. Other strong female roles played by her she has played include Grace O’Malley in The Pirate Queen and Edwin Drood/Alice Nutting in The Mystery of Edwin Drood.


    2. She has quite the ancestry background.

    Her ancestry is quite a handful! Her father, Steven Block, is of German, Frisian, French-Canadian, Scottish and Irish ancestry. Her mother, Rosemarrie, is half Polish - half Italian.


    3. She is a passionate singer.

    She says... ‘Acting is so fulfilling, but when I sing.. well, there are no words. It is who I am.’


    4. She met her husband on stage.

    Stephanie met her husband, Sebastian Arcelus, on the Wicked tour. Sebastian played Fiyero but at the time they met Stephanie was in another relationship. Fast forward ten months, her relationship came to an end and Sebastian found himself often visiting her in town under all kinds of pretenses. The beginning of their relationship required some extra TLC as it was a long-distance one but they made it work. When asked whether it is easier or not to share a life with a fellow actor, Stephanie says she finds it easier because they both share the same passion for theatre and understand all the pros and cons that the title ‘Actor’ brings with it.


    5. Stephanie defines herself as a nester.

    Stephanie does not enjoy touring around the country side, she prefers to stay at home and enjoy her creature comforts.


    6. Her parents didn’t like Wicked.

    Stephanie invited her parents to the final reading for the role of Elphaba. At the end of the reading when asked if they think the musical is a winner, they replied ‘NO’.


    7. She borrows her confidence from Cher.

    Stephanie shares that playing the icon Cher has helped her find her inner strength and build her self-esteem.


    8. Stephanie sure loves being green!

    Stephanie was the first person EVER to play Elphaba in Wicked. She played the part in the very first reading of the show, and went on to understudy Idina Menzel in the role for its pre-Broadway run in San Fransisco. She then went on to play the role both on tour and on Broadway.


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