Q&A: Chatting with Singin' in the Rain's Adam Cooper

Q&A: Chatting with Singin' in the Rain's Adam Cooper

Updated On: May 1, 2018
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    LOVEtheatre chats with Singin' in the Rain's leading man, Adam Cooper! Read on to get this scoop on this hot West End show and its talented leading man.
    How does this West End production of Singin' in the Rain bring to life the much-loved classic film?
    I'd say brilliantly of course!  I feel we've definitely put our own stamp on what is a hugely iconic story.  Through our wonderful choreographer Andrew Wright we've found ways of paying homage to moments from the film but brought something fresh, new and unique to this production.  And of course the music, including THAT song, is all featured.  I think from what audiences are saying the production makes you feel that whilst the film is perfect in every way, seeing it live on stage right in front of you always adds that extra level.
    Was it daunting following in the footsteps of Gene Kelly?
    Obviously hugely daunting but you have to believe in the journey of making the part your own and try and forget what he did or it would drive you mad.  For me, or any of the other performers, it's never been a case of copying the performances in the movie.  I deliberately haven't watched the film for a long time so that I could approach it as a 'new' piece of work.

    Adam CooperThe famous Singin' in the Rain dance is such an iconic movie moment. Was this the most challenging sequence to get right in the show?
    Technically it was absolutely.  Not only is the dance incredibly intricate but it's taken a long time to get the right floor that is safe to dance on in the dry and the wet, as well as the challenge of getting the rain exactly right so that we can work with it to become part of the routine but also to have it look natural for the audience.  It really does feel like there's a downpour going on over the Palace stage.

    There's a lot of water in the show! How much is used at every performance?
    We have a tank that holds 10 metric tonnes of water, with 7 tonnes dropped on us twice a performance!

    How do you stop yourself from slipping over?
    With very specifically designed shoes with a rubber based sole.  And years of training!
    How long do you have to stay in your wet clothes for?
    I'm out of them as soon as possible.
    Any advice for those people booking tickets in the first few rows?
    Bring a Mac and make sure you're smiling because if you're not you might get some extra splashes heading your way.
    You've played the part of Don Lockwood before. How does this production compare with the one you did at Sadler's Wells?
    Well I choreographed the Sadler's Wells production as well playing Don, so that was a big challenge and quite a difficult thing to balance at times.  Every version of a show is different in so many ways but this production of this show feels like, on every level, in every department, we're really firing on all cylinders.  I'm also really proud of what we've achieved in terms of the work between the central trio of characters, my own, Scarlett Strallen's Kathy and Danny Crossley as Cosmo....we have a connection that I think the audiences can really feel.
    How would you sum up the show in five words to persuade someone to book tickets?
    Most, Uplifting, Wettest, Show, Around.
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